Britain Shocked By Mass Shooting Rampage


Great Britain is reeling with shock over a recent spree of killings in which  12 people were shot dead and 25 injured by a gunman who chose his targets at random as he drove by them in a car. Taxi driver Derrick Bird, 52 started off his bloody spree by killing a fellow taxi driver before he went out on a murderous drive looking for victims. BBC News reports as follows on the killings that have shocked Great Britain.

Twelve people have been killed by a gunman who went on the rampage across Cumbria in north-west England.

Taxi driver Derrick Bird shot dead a colleague in the town of Whitehaven before driving through the countryside apparently targeting people at random.

Twenty-five others were injured, three critically and five seriously. Police said they had 30 separate crime scenes.

Before Bird’s lifeless body was discovered today, the entire Northeast English region of Cumbria was in fear. A nuclear powe plant in Sellafield briefly told its afternoon shift to stay home as a safety precaution. The plant has since opened. Queen Elizabeth stated that she was “deeply shocked and shared the country’s “grief and horror.” British Prime minister David Cameron stated that the House of commons was “alarmed and shocked by the events unfolding in Cumbria”.

Police are interviewing survivors of the shooting as well as family and coworkers of Derrick Bird to gain an understanding of his descent into madness. Mr. Bird is a divorced father of 2 who recently became a grandfather. Friends painted a picture of him as a likable guy who was quick with a joke and not a glum angry loner.

The last major serial killing spree in Britain was in 1987, when gun nut Michael Ryan killed 16 people. After Ryan’s crimes, laws were enacted to make  it harder to get shotguns that held more than 2 rounds or center fire semi automatic rifles. This law did not prevent Britain’s latest serial killing spree.

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