California "Sexter" Tased By Angry Dad

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A 23 year old man who sent a picture of his privates to a 17 year old girl ended up facing the wrath of  an angry father.  William Atwrood,45 of  French Valley California allegedly summoned  Justin Moore to his home to discuss a picture of Moore’s privates that Moore had sent to Atwood’s daughter’s cell phone. Atwood’s daughter, 17 had complained about the picture to her father.

The Press Enterprise reports as follows on the incident, in which Atwood alllegedly shocked Moore with a taser gun on his shoulder, an odd location for the offense of which he was accused.

“He said Atwood had called and asked him to come over to his house to discuss the photo. When Moore arrived, he said, the electric gate opened to reveal the 6-foot-2, 350-pound Atwood waiting for him in the driveway. Atwood was a few feet away when he fired the gun, Moore told authorities.

Atwood ordered Moore out of his car and, as he was walking, fired another shot. After he was tied up, Moore said, Atwood pulled him off the ground by his feet, injuring his shoulder.”

Cops who came to the scene allegedly found Moore in a thoroughly frightened state. They found a stun gun and zip ties, as well as phone and text records corroborating the story. One text message sent by Moore to friends said “If I don’t get back, let everyone know.”

Now Atwood faces multiple felony charges instead of a good parenting award. The district attorney has charged Atwood with
“making criminal threats, false imprisonment, assault with a stun gun, assault with a deadly weapon ” as well as other releated weapons charges. To compound this outrage, Moore has not been charged. with any offense at all, despite the fact that the recipient of his photo was a minor.

I am worried for the father. If he had committed his “offenses” in Arizona, Indiana or some other locality where common sense is not an endangered commodity, he would have been in the clear. In vast stretches of our once great land, however, law enforcement punishes fathers who do what comes naturally and give a free pass to “men” like Moore.

The moral of the story? If you want to commit a “crime” like that, plan it out so there is no evidence for a whiny little perp to show to cops. It would have been good for a few chuckles if Moore had been left on the bad side of town in his birthday suiit. But with law enforcement on the side of the criminal, such expressions of fatherly indignation require planning. How sad that it has come to this. I hope that there are 12 Californians with enough decency to toss the charges.

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Really? THe father stepped way over the line. He should have started with calling the cops, not ending it.


After all...this did occur in California. Would you expect anything they did to make much sense?

Steve G.
Steve G.

Being an angry parent is not a license to assault other people. Moore is a punk with poor judgment. Daddy Atwood is a scumbag thug and bully. Had Atwood just jacked the twerp's jaw, it would've justified and likely unprosecuted. To lure someone into a trap, hold them at gunpoint while they're unarmed, tie them up, and torture them is a coward's response. They both ought to spend a year or two in jail.


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