Unemployed Alvin Greene Wins South Carolina Primary

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Alvin Greene is an army veteran. Alvin Greene is unemployed. Alvin Greene is the new democratic candidate to oppose South Carolina Senator Jim DeMint.

It may have been a strange path to take, but Alvin Greene just beat Vic Rawl in South Carolina’s primary elections. Greene didn’t have any campaign funds, compared to Rawls $186,000 campaign budget, and most voters didn’t even know who Greene was. But Greene isn’t concentrating on how he got elected.

“I’m not concentrating on how I was elected—it’s history. I’m the Democratic nominee—we need to get talking about America back to work, what’s going on, in America,” said Greene.

Mother Jones reports that Greene paid the $10,000 filing fee out of his own pocket, and didn’t have much money left over to campaign.

“It was 100 percent out of my pocket. I’m self-managed. It’s hard work, and just getting my message to supporters. I funded my campaign 100 percent out of my pocket and self-managed,” said Greene.

UPDATE: Alvin Greene asked to withdraw due to pending felony charges.

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