BP Oil Spill: Pressure Sensors Deployed

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BP Oil Spill LeakSensors to measure the pressure of oil were being deployed today, which may finally help determine how much oil has been flowing into the Gulf of Mexico following the BP oil spill disaster.

The sensors will be placed at the pipe to assist efforts to provide more accurate estimates of the flow rate.

“We think we need some independent pressure readings to validate the estimates that have been made by the scientists looking at the video and some other acoustic data,”

Coast Guard Adm. Thad Allen told CBS’s “Face the Nation.”

Government experts this past week said as much as 25,000 to 30,000 barrels could be leaking each day, a figure that effectively doubled earlier estimates. The new estimates suggest that every 8-10 days the BP spill could be leaking the same amount of oil that was spilled in the entire Exxon Valdez disaster. Read more here.

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