Who is Rajon Rondo and Why Isn't He Getting Big Endorsement Bucks?

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Quick, name an endorsement deal featuring Rajon Rondo, the breakout guard for the Boston Celtics.

If your answer was Red Bull, you’re 1. a Red Bull drinker, or 2. an agent, or 3. both.

Rajon Rondo, the good looking Celtic, hasn’t signed the killer endorsement deal – yet. If his performance leads the Celtics to the NBA Championship, that will change and move him into the big time of endorser-athletes.

Even if he doesn’t have a NBA championship ring, it’s almost a certain bet his bankroll will swell because of endorsements.

Rondo was born in Louisville, Kentucky, attended Eastern High School and the elite Oak Hill Academy to jump start his basketball career. He moved forward by playing two years for the University of Kentucky.

He made the jump to the NBA in the 2006 NBA Draft, represented by agent Bill Duffy. After being drafted by the Phoenix Suns, he was traded to the Celtics and accepted a secondary role to Celtic All Stars Kevin Garnett, Ray Allen and Paul Pierce.

Skinny by NBA standards, but with the same body mass as Michael Jordan and a lot of the the same moves on the basketball court, Rondo is on the cusp of moving into the stratosphere reserved for a precious few NBA stars. So far, his actions off the court have not done anything to cause a company concern before signing a long-term endorsement contract.

Rondo has risen in fan visibility and popularity solely on the his play. Rondo joined Hall of Famers Wilt Chamberlain and Oscar Robertson with the highest triple-doubles in playoff history.

“He’s placed himself as an elite player. Not just an elite point guard, an elite player.”

ABC commentator and coach-to-be Mark Jackson said.

Rondo was signed to a contract extension by Celtics general manager Danny Ainge said.

This gives his agent free rein to knock down the doors of the major endorsers.

“We tried (to negotiate), but I think it was clear early on what was happening,” And I think his agent, Bill Duffy, is a terrific agent. But I think as much as anything, it’s the confidence that Rondo has. He’s ready to do whatever he has to, and he knew that if we didn’t want to pay him then somebody else would.”

Ainge told the Boston Herald.

Nike reached into Reebok’s pocket and picked Rondo, but hasn’t done much to make him the face of their brand. There are no Rajon Rondo shoes available anywhere – for any price.

Red Bull is thrilled to have Rondo telling CNBC:

Red Bull looks for rising stars who have potential for greatness and Rondo met that criteria. He’s now fulfilling that potential that Red Bull saw in him.

Sportsgrid.com says Rondo is now the ninth most powerful player in the NBA, ensuring his off season will be busy listening to endorsement offers from a plethora of companies who need a young, handsome jock to boost their sales among the 18-34 demographic: both men and women.

Photo via Yzukerman.

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