First AAA Bra Rescues Small Breasts

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30 AA Cup  Bra

Think petite lingerie, not auto club.

Lula Lu’s, the lingerie provider for petite women, introduced the world’s first AAA cup bra. Lula Lu bra sizes formerly ranged from 30AA to 38A, but in a move certainly to generate lots of internet buzz, AAA cup bras have been added to their lineup of lingerie.

The San Mateo based company is owned by Ellen Shing, who said…

“I have to say, when I first started I was like ‘Does this size really exist?’ The double A is already quite a small size. However, when I started to fit people I realized there was definitely a need for the triple A.”

Shoppers don’t have to make the trek to San Mateo, as Lula Lu’s has an online store with petite bras that are feminine and flirty.

“When I opened my store, I wanted a place where customers could come and feel free to try on whatever they wanted and not feel restricted. They come and explore how they would like to express themselves through lingerie,” she told us.

Despite the press release announcing the new line of AAA cup bras, their website is lagging behind their PR machine. There are no images of the AAA cup bra!

On the fitting chart, Lula Lu suggests that petite women need an AA cup if there is one inch between under arms and fullest part of breasts. Which indicates the AAA cup bra is for those who have less than one inch difference.

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