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Despite serious privacy issues, the word’s fascination if not addiction with Facebook shows no signs of abating. While the social networking site can accomplish good things, the  pages created by some users seems to be a form of extreme narcissism.  In our celebrity driven culture,  Facebook is also an effective platform for self-promotion in the world of entertainment.

IndyPosted has already reported that Lady Gaga has surpassed Obama in terms of Facebook fans (apparently they are no longer referred to as “friends”), although she still falls short of the number one position. Here, courtesy of ABC News, is the entire top 10 list of Facebook luminaries in terms of their total official followers:

  1. Michael Jackson– 15 million people have had no trouble finding the deceased “King of Pop” on Facebook
  2. Lady Gaga–10.9 million fans
  3. Vin Diesel–despite his mixed movie success, the actor has 10.3 million fans
  4. Barack Obama–formerly number two, he has 9.5 million fans
  5. Megan Fox–for obvious reasons, the sultry actress has 8.6 million fans
  6. Christiano Ronaldo–the soccer star and new dad has 7 million followers
  7. Lil Wayne–the currently incarcerated rapper has 5 million fans
  8. Justin Bieber–6.6 million fans follow the 16-year-old  singer
  9. Taylor Swift–the country singer has 6.3 followers
  10. Will Smith–the “A-List” movie star rounds out the list with 5.8 million fans

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