Bruce Willis Cologne – The Manliest Smelling Cologne in the World

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Do you want to smell like a man? Do you want to smell like a really manly man? Well, Bruce Willis has the cologne for you.

Bruce Willis is releasing his own line of cologne, deodorant, hair and body wash, and after shave balm this Thursday. So what will the new scent be called? The Sixth Scent? Smell Hard? No, the new Bruce Willis cologne will carry the simple title of, “Bruce Willis.”

“The development of my new fragrance was really a lot of fun,” Willis said. “The products stand for individuality, uniqueness and sustainability.”

Willis is releasing his new set of fragrances with LR Health & Beauty Systems. And in case you are wondering what Bruce Willis smells like, reports that the scent is marked by tones of grapefruit, pepper and vetiver.

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