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Old Spice revolutionizes viral video marketing on YouTube
How do you top one of the most successful television and online ad campaigns of the summer, if not the entire year? To the marketing team at Old Spice, the answer was clear: keep the ball rolling on a massively ambitious scale by recognizing the “social” in “social media marketing”.

The long-standing Old Spice ads featuring an intensely manly Isaiah Mustafa have received such positive response that Old Spice has begun producing brief video responses to comments left on the ads on their YouTube channel. The official Old Spice replies come in the form of brief video clips of Mustafa replying to the commenter with as much wit and testosterone as can be shoved into a few seconds air time.

The comment reply videos are filmed in the same style as the original ads, making them appear as if they’re a seamless part of the campaign – which, of course, they are. Rather than being satisfied with watching their original ad hit viral status and letting it stagnate, the people at Old Spice are grabbing the viral phenomenon by the horns and parading it in front of millions of adoring fans, who are now part of the advertisement’s formula, rather than just a passive audience. The videos’ viewers have, by virtue of Old Spice reaching out to them in such a highly targeted way, been given an enormous nod of appreciation that can only serve to strengthen their loyalty to the brand – and by association, the loyalty of others who are impressed by the company’s dedicated outreach.

(Imagine sitting at home in your family room enjoying the Old Spice commercial on your TV. Now imagine Mustafa’s hand reaching through your TV screen and giving you a high five. A little unnerving? Maybe. Attention getting? Definitely. Unforgettable? Precisely!)

The Old Spice team is raising the bar for viral video advertisers everywhere. Now the old golden grail of simply having an ad go viral is child’s play (take that, Evian rollerskating babies). Having an ad go viral and keeping the viral buzz going not just on a single video, but on an entire YouTube channel’s worth of videos, is the new standard to achieve.

Kudos to Old Spice for figuring out that the easiest way to leverage social media is by taking advantage of the fact that it’s social, period.

Or, in the words of YouTube user MetaRam as posted on the Old Spice channel today, “Words cannot begin to describe the awe I feel for the Old Spice video responses… and this entire Old Spice campaign in general. My jaw hit the ground, went through the crust and re-emerged in China, which is the opposite side of the earth no matter where you are. In awe.”

Here’s a few of their viral responses to questions posted by Reddit Users:

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