Top 20 Gay Friendly Cities


The top twenty gay friendly cities in the U.S are (in no particular order):

  • San Francisco
  • New York
  • Los Angeles
  • Miami
  • Washington, D.C.
  • Boston
  • San Diego
  • Denver
  • Seattle
  • Portland, Oregon
  • Dallas,
  • Columbus, Ohio
  • Santa Rosa
  • Sacramento
  • Springfield, Massachusetts,
  • Portland, Maine
  • Eugene, Oregon
  • Ann Arbor, Michigan

In research done recently, some truisms tended not to be so true. For example,  Gay people cluster in cities and within those cities cluster in neighborhoods doesn’t hold up to the scrutiny of research.

Gary Gates, a demographer at UCLA’s Williams Institute, developed the Gay/Lesbian Index value to indicates that having a large gay  population tends to improve quality of life indicators.

The research notes:

“Gay people live everywhere,in cities, suburbs, and even in the country—one in seven same-sex couples live in rural areas.”

The index for gay cities show benefits accrue to those cities and metro areas that have sizable, numbers of gay men and lesbians. Income levels are higher, as are many other measures of life satisfaction.

Other research supports the value of a high number of gays in any community.
And there’s other myths exploded:

  • Ronald Inglehart’s World Values Surveys reveals tolerance toward gays and lesbians in particular, is associated with the shift to a more modern, more democratic, and more affluent “post-materialist” political culture.
  • Soul of the Community, a study conducted by the Gallup Organization, discovered more openness toward LGBT people (as well as to other groups) was one of two other key factors, that provide high satisfaction attachment to a community.
  • Al study by Marcus Noland of the Peterson Institute for International Economics found that tolerance in general correlated with more open attitudes toward the global community and higher economic performance.

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the writer scanned the original article and copied the wrong cities. of course san francisco is first.


you've got to be kidding me, LA, a district that voted yes to prop 8, makes the list, but san fransisco doesnt, even though it has the biggest percentage of GLBT (~16%) of any city in america


Ok, this is all wrong. San Francisco is the " Gay Capitol of the World " ...

James Johnson
James Johnson

Yes San Francisco was first, if anyone counted, we only had 19 cities listed..the oversight was fixed, obviously San Francisco should have been first. I have corrected the list ;)


you corrected it, but left out austin (number 7) and ithaca (number 14). how hard is it to write a list? And why not put them in order?

James Johnson
James Johnson

Ann, it's stated that they are in no particular order. "U.S are (in no particular order):" These cities were listed based on: The Gay/Lesbian Index value which tells you how the proportion of same-sex couples among all households of a given metro area compares to the average for the entire U.S. An index value of 2, for example, means that the proportion of same-sex couples in that metro area is twice that of the nation. We are an aggregation service, our info was gathered from sources that compiled the list based on their info.

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