Angel Alvarez Survives After Being Shot 21 Times

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The NYPD cut loose on a man and fired over 50 times shooting him 21 times without scoring a fatal shot. According to sources this is a  record number of bullets expended to bring down one man.

Sunday, a fight broke out at a party in Harlem and Angel Alvarez fatally shot Luis Soto. Officers were on the scene and Alvarez pointed his weapon at them and a barrage of bullets began flying his direction from the NYPD.

At least 21 of those bullets pierced Alvarez’s body.

None of the bullets struck anything that killed the man, but his body was full of holes according to family members. Alvarez who had been arrested at least 8 times, is going to recover.

A forensics expert told theNew York Daily News‘ Simone Weichselbaum and Virginia Breen that Alvarez is probably the new holder of a somewhat dubious record.

“I would say more than 20 gunshot wounds is a record. Of course, the real issue is where you get shot. One bullet can kill you, but believe it or not, a body can survive a lot of bullet wounds.”

…said Dr. Vincent DiMaio, a forensic pathologist who specializes in such investigations and matters of crime, told the paper.

The cops are under fire for their tactics, as one might expect…

“Never once did you hear ‘Freeze,’” never once did you hear ‘Stop.’ Never once did you hear ‘NYPD.’”

Shariff Spencer a witness, said.

NYPD has insisted firing more than 50 times to bring down one man was justified.

UPDATE: Ballistics tests indicate a police weapon probably fired the bullet that killed Soto, the New York Times reported Monday evening.

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Mark Leevan
Mark Leevan

Nah, I say the guy should be a consultant for NYPD at a high rate of pay.

Grey Goose
Grey Goose

Good Lord. This man has earned his freedom, in my humble opinion.

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