Top 10 Companies Using Twitter Effectively

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Top 10 Companies Using Twitter Effectively

With every brand and its brother jumping on the social networking bandwagon these days – with good reason – it’s worth taking a look at some of the companies that are using Twitter right, and understanding exactly why it is that they’re tweeting right on the money.

Here are 10 companies that are using Twitter effectively.

A Tweet from Tasti D-Lite

10. Tasti D-Lite

Handle: @tastidlite
All the companies on this list abide by the golden rule of keeping their profile updated frequently, and the Tasti D-Lite team is diligent about tweeting multiple times a day. They do a great job locating mentions of their company and replying to tweets with particular attention and care. They earn special points for rewarding their customers with contests and personal gifts.

A Tweet from H&R Block

9. H&R Block

Handle: @HRBlock
This account is robust with useful tax and finance tips that can educate anyone. For example, a recent tweet points out that if you won something via Twitter or Facebook, you might have to pay taxes on it. I’m guessing this isn’t something most people think about when they’re anxiously awaiting their prize. They also impress by having thorough contact information included in their eye-catching profile background.

A Tweet from Marriott International

8. Marriott International

Handle: @MarriottIntl
Marriott uses this account in a number of different ways; all of them are helpful to their followers and provide sound customer service. I’ve seen them go so far as to suggest a hotel for one tweeter’s pet-friendly needs, after taking the time to thank a customer personally for letting them host him. They make a real effort and it shows.

A Tweet from Ford Motor Company

7. Ford Motor Company

Handle: @FordDriveGreen
This is one of several Ford Twitter accounts, each dedicated to different aspects of Ford Motors. In this case, it’s the “green” division, focusing on eco-friendly automobiles. And they branch out far beyond their industry and post green tips applying to daily life, too. It’s a nice way to prove that Ford is doing their part to give back to the environment.

A Tweet from Boston Logan Airport

6. Boston Logan Airport

Handle: @bostonlogan
The airport’s Twitter campaign digs right in and chats with Twitter users on a casual level, giving a friendly and welcoming presence to the place. They regularly tweet news about what’s going on at the airport, in addition to fun attention-getters like trivia challenges. They also post advisories and delays, which certainly makes life easier for their mobile-savvy followers who happen to be heading to the airport.

A Tweet from PopCap Games

5. PopCap Games

Handle: @popcap_games
This well-known maker of tremendously addictive time-wasters does a great job of answering tweeted queries regularly. They also release game trailers, sketchbooks, and other media relating to their upcoming and ongoing titles. They’re careful to pick up on mentions and media coverage and retweet with appropriate abandon. All in all, it’s a solid Twitter account that sets the mark for what smaller brands can realistically achieve, too.

4. Wachovia

Handle: @Wachovia
Wachovia has one of the smoothest-run Twitter campaigns out there, as they even take the time to let their followers know when they’re logging off for the night so they can have a realistic expectation about when their tweets may be answered. Their profile background image clearly displays the headshots of the employees responsible for the Twitter account, as well as official hashtags. What’s more, each employee signs the tweet he’s posted with his initials, so you know exactly who you’re talking to. The only down side to this massive campaign is that the account tweets so frequently throughout the day, it’s likely to swamp a casual user’s time line.

A Tweet from American Apparel

3. American Apparel

Handle: @americanapparel
What I have come to admire most about this clothing brand’s Twitter account is that they are unafraid to jump into the murky waters of topics like politics, celebrating the recent overturn of Prop 8 with an in-store giveaway. Whatever you feel about the issue involved, you have to recognize it’s going out on a limb. And it’s not the first political issue they’ve addressed, too. Beyond that, they tweet company news, helpful tips, and hiring opportunities in multiple languages.

A Tweet from Marvel

2. Marvel Entertainment

Handle: @marvel
Marvel knows how to appeal to their audience, plain and simple, and it’s this recognition and outreach that puts them at #2 on my list. While they take the time to engage followers in discussion, the real value of the account appears, at least to me, to be the sheer wealth – and it’s massive – of material they post linking to newsletters, blogs, special content, and more. It’s a company that’s just plain fun to follow – even if I am, as a comic enthusiast, a tad biased.

A Tweet from JetBlue

1. JetBlue Airways

Handle: @jetblue
JetBlue are masters at successfully multitasking on Twitter. From answering customer concerns to explaining specific delays in @ replies to concerned followers, to addressing the media to apologizing for inconveniences, this company has it covered. They also seem to recognize that there can be too much of a good thing, and tweet relatively conservatively. But they make sure that every tweet counts. It’s for this mastery that JetBlue Airways takes the #1 spot on my list. Kudos, JetBlue.

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Leigh Mutert
Leigh Mutert

Leigh Mutert with H&R Block here. Just wanted to thank you for including us in your praise. We agree with you that providing rich content to twitter followers demonstrates our care for them. (And in our industry, we're all about knowledge and content.) Thanks for the recognition!


Absolutely Leigh, you earned the recognition and I'm very happy to have given you the spotlight! I look forward to your tweets. - Dina

James Johnson
James Johnson

Leigh, Indyposted is happy to include you. Dina put a lot of thought into her list and HRBlock has a well deserved spot.

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