10-year-old Janet Evanoch Standout Performance on America's Got Talent (VIDEO)


Janet Evanoch was on America's Got Talent

The Tuesday night episode of America’s Got Talent really came through with some entertainment. The stand-out star was a little girl with a huge voice. Ten-year-old Janet Evanoch stole the show and the veiwers’ hearts with her operatic voice. Last night’s show was different because all of these acts all submitted their work via YouTube. As Piers said, it was their most unpredictable show to date.

There were:

  • the PLUtonic, singers an a capella guy’s group in “nerdy” costumes, who also danced.
  • Pup the accordion-playing dog
  • Pizza Patt, extreme pizza dough tosser–the dough was on fire
  • Dan Sperry-his illusions were so freaky I had to close an eye
  • Maestro Alexander Bui, piano player-his piece was obscure but powerful
  • Kristina Young, singer
  • Booker Forté, hip hop dance
  • Austin Anderson, comedian
  • Dylan Plummer, double-dutch jump rope
  • Ryan Rodriguez, dancer
  • Cam Hodges, singer

Four of these talents will go on to the next round. I would be shocked if this young lady wasn’t one of them. Watch to see what I mean.

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