Google, Verizon Proposal Could Kill Innovation, Say House Democrats


Cell Phone Tower

A Google, Verizon proposal directed at lawmakers for how they believe Internet traffic should be handled was slammed by four House Democrats on Monday. The Google, Verizon proposal to exclude wireless networks from net neutrality standards caused Reps. Edward Markey, Anna Eshoo, Mike Doyle, and Jay Inslee to write a letter to FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski, expressing their opposition to the Google, Verizon proposal.

“No private interest should be permitted to carve up the Internet to suit its own purposes.  The open Internet has been an innovation engine that has helped power our economy, and fiber-optic fast lanes or tiers that slow down certain content would dim the future of the Internet to the detriment of consumers, competition, job creation and the free-flow of ideas,”

Markey said.

The four representatives support Genachowski’s “Third Way” proposal, which would reclassify the transmission of data as a telecommunications service which the FCC could regulate, according to Genachowski made the “Third Way” proposal after a court ruled the FCC couldn’t enforce a 2008 network management action against Comcast. The ruling brought into question the FCC’s authority to regulate broadband.

Google and Verizon say they support an open Internet, but that wireless is different than wired networks and should be exempt from net neutrality regulation. AT&T has also come out in support of the exemption for wireless in the Google, Verizon proposal.

Photo by aripeskoe2 via Wikimedia Commons. Cell phone tower.

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