Five NBA Players Who Could Benefit From a Change of Scenery


Five players could benefit from a change of cities and teams.

The NBA trade deadline is about a month away, so trade talks will surely heat up shortly. There are always a number of players and teams that could use a change of scenery, or an upgrade at a position to better themselves and the team. So far this season, Tracy McGrady is the biggest name that is openly on the trading block, but there are other players who teams could conceivably trade.

Without further ado, here are five players that could benefit from a trade:

  • Kevin Martin – Sacramento Kings
    • The high scoring shooting guard was on a tear for the first five games of the season averaging over 30 points per game. He then suffered a fractured wrist and the rookie sensation Tyreke Evans has taken over as alpha dog of the Kings. It is unclear yet if Martin and Evans can play together yet, as both are players who demand the ball to be effective. Martin is scheduled to return to action this week and if the team can’t figure out a way to play efficiently with both players on the court, then Martin will likely be traded. Martin could net the Kings a big man or a high draft pick for the talented shooting guard, and help build the team around Tyreke Evans.
  • Al Jefferson – Minnesota Timberwolves
    • There have been reports coming out of Minnesota alleging that Kevin Love and Al Jefferson don’t get along. The team has struggled mightily since trading Kevin Garnett for Al Jefferson despite consistent play from Jefferson. It would be risky to trade away one of the few true post scorers in the game, but if the Wolves could land an athletic wing player to play with Kevin Love then they may want to explore trade opportunities. A Danny Granger for Al Jefferson trade would be a win for both teams.
  • David West – New Orleans Hornets
    • The Hornets have always been a penny-pinching franchise, and the possibility of missing the playoffs this year may make the Hornets try to trade away some of their assets. The team won’t be looking to trade All-World point guard Chris Paul, so it may look to move former All-Star David West as he has the most value on the team outside of Paul. West would be a welcome addition to a team in contention for a title or a team looking to move into that upper-echelon of NBA teams. The Hornets in return could get back a player or draft pick that would play well with Chris Paul as they look towards the future.
  • Caron Butler and Antawn Jamison – Washington Wizards
    • Both players have been playing their hearts out in Washington, and have one of the league’s worst records to show for it. The team is filled with players who haven’t won in the NBA and jokers such as Gilbert Arenas, who was recently suspended by NBA commissioner David Stern. This core of players has run its course in Washington, and proven that their ceiling is the second round of the playoffs at best. Now with Arenas out for a third straight season, it appears time to blow up the core. By trading Butler and Jamison, the Wizards could get a slew of young talent to work with and lottery picks to turn into players. Teams looking to make a push in the playoffs would the chance to add a player of Butler or Jamison’s caliber.

Keep your eyes and ears open for trade rumors as the deadline approaches next month. Teams will be looking to upgrade positions and create better chemistry on their rosters. Sometimes a player is just a trade away from blossoming in the NBA.

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