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Mission Statement: The writers at Indyposted know that the world is a slanted place. Everyone has an opinion and that includes our staff. Fortunately, we also have the facts on our side. At Indyposted you’ll find fact-based opinion articles on a wide-range of topics. From breaking news, to political analysis, to Justin Bieber’s arrest record. Our staff is dedicated to uncovering truth, the whole truth, and a little bit of opinion with every article.

Indyposted covers a wide variety of topics, including:

  • News: The news section at Indyposted covers the most shared stories of the day.
  • Celebrity News: From relationship rumors to casting news, the celebrity section at IP has you covered.
  • Business:  Indyposted’s business section covers the latest company acquisitions and stock market news. Our staff also has a keen eye for viral marketing and PR snafus.
  • Sports: The sports section at Indyposted covers big news stories from the NBA, NHL, MLB, MLS and NFL. You’ll also find some tennis, golf, and wrestling news at IP. Heck, if it’s interesting, we’ll even cover cricket.
  • Politics: The world of politics can be hard to navigate. The staff at IndyPosted strives to collect all facts from all perspectives in order to create an accurate and timely report.
  • Odd + Funny: Some stories just don’t fit in one of the above categories. These odd, funny, and strange pieces of news makeup the Odd + Funny section.
  • Health: From diet trends to fitness crazes, the health section contains the latest news from around the world.

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